Cleopatra a powerful and wise woman essay

Emperor Wu did not accompany her army to battle. She arrived in a golden boat with a team of musicians and servants.

Cleopatra Was a Powerful and Wise Ruler

This family is known as the Ptolemies. The list of acquisitions is long. Cleopatra killed herself by poison several days later to escape watching her kingdom become a province of Rome.

Cleopatra the Seventh was born over two thousand years ago in sixty-nine B. The story of Cleopatra has influenced countless historians, painters, writers and filmmakers. After Pompey was murdered, Cleopatra decided it was important to make friends with Caesar for her safety and that of her country.

Like Empress Zeitan, Cleopatra also acquired new territory through military alliances and conquests against the Ancient Persian Empire. As if I was something you had conquered. He outnumbered the Persians but yet had to retreat.

Pompey the Great and Julius Caesar were fighting each other for control of Rome. By such actions Cleopatra broke ancient traditions and was much criticised by Egyptians. To get coalition against her brother Ptolemy XIII and to defend her mother landed from fraud, as what the most accounts told that Cleopatra offered her virgin body and surrendered it in the form of rug, she covered up herself in an oriental rug and presented it to the general who almost four times of her age.

Her ancestors came from a long line of rulers that began with Ptolemy the First and ended with Cleopatra. The two would remain a couple for the rest of their lives. The Pshent crown was worn by Queen Cleopatra and it was red and white, a joint crown representative of Upper and Lower Egypt.

At age five she was sent to France to be brought up in the French court, and eventually married King Francis II, who died the next year. The reason why the Romans hated Cleopatra was her major influence at first on Caesar and than on Marc Antony.

Sammuramat Assyrian Queen, 9th Century B. Cleopatra died because of a snake bit, so her death was the as glorious as her life. Rome was going through a period of civil war. Cleopatra, the last pharaoh of the Macedonian dynasty, is legendary for her seductive ways, her force, astuteness, and relationships with powerful men.

She has even been called "'the most illustrious and wise of women'" by John, Bishop of Nikiu in. Introduction: Cleopatra VII Philopator was one of the most influential queens of Egypt.

She was born around 69 B.C. in Alexandria, Egypt and died 39 years later, around 30 B.C. Cleo was the third daughter of Ptolemy XII, also known as Auletes, "the Piper" (Nardo 12). Dec 10,  · World History/ English 10 May Cleopatra VII She was a woman of powerful ambition, a keen sense of intelligence and charm.


She had political skills that made a great mark on history. Her name was Cleopatra VII Thea Philopater, or just Cleopatra VII. Nefertiti was the powerful wife of Akhenaton, who worshiped a new religion honoring only one God, Aten.

She later rejected this religion, backing her half-brother. Assignment 2: Comparative essay Assignment 2: Compare two female rulers Matthew Payne Humanities Prof: Calvin Tesler June 2nd, In the four-thousand year history of the Chinese Empire, only one woman was ever bold enough, intellectual and powerful enough to seize control of the Imperial throne.

Her striking beauty made men fall in love with Cleopatra, while she being a wise woman used it to her own advantage, making her lovers do what was necessary for her and for her country.

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